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Terms of Service
Internal rules of Service at the hotel "Gonchar"
The order of registration, hotel accommodation and payment services.
Working hours: 24 H.
Room reservation in the Hotel "Gonchar" is made by passing the application form via fax, e-mail or website of the hotel. In case of checking-in 24 h later then it's indicated in the reservation (without warning hotel stuff) reservation is canceled, payment for this booking - does not return.
Registration has to be made in the presence of identity documents and filling in the Guestquestionnaire Payment should be performed on Guests arrival in the national currency of Ukraine in cash, by credit card or by bank transfer.
Check-in - 14:00, check-out - 12:00 local time.
At a delay of departure no more than 4 hours after the check-in time a Guest will be charged at half the cost of 1 night accommodation
At a delay of departure for more than 4 hours after the check-in time a Guest will be charged the cost of 1 night of accommodation.
Extending the accommodation without prior booking is possible only if there are available rooms and at the discretion of the administration.
For stays of less than one day (24 hours) a Guest will be charged the cost of 1 night accommodation regardless of the time of departure.
Onchecking-out, the Guest is obliged to pay for the use of additional services
Hotel Policies hotel "Gonchar"
Guests of the hotel must take care of the equipment, furniture, inventory, and other things of the rooms and public areas.
In order to ensure compliance with the "internal rules" and safety of guests, the hotel staff, upon detection of unauthorized persons have the right to check their documents and proof of residence at the "Gonchar" hotel Hotel guests are required to strictly observe the rules of fire safety.
The hotelis non-smoking area, according to the Law of Ukraine on the Health Protection of the population (Art. 13) Maid service and towels changing are made daily.
Bed linen is changed at the 1 time in 3 days. At the request of the guest can be an extraordinary change of linen. All our guests have the same rights and must comply with:
- Established order of residence;
- Fire safety rules.
All complaints, suggestions and feedback on the hotel's fixed in guest book reviews and suggestions, located in the lobby, as well as a questionnaire completed at the exit.
In case of emergencies a Guest should apply to the hotel Administrator.
In the hotel area is forbidden:
- To make noise and disturb other guests rest;
- To smoke in the building;
- Keep animals and birds in the Hotel rooms;
In cases of violation of these rules, the hotel has the right to refuse guests in the future stay.

The responsibility of the Parties.
In case of default in whole or in part the duties associated with the provision of hotel services, the guilty party must compensate the other party incurred losses.
Hotel under the current legislation of Ukraine shall be responsible for damage caused to life, health or property of the consumer, which arose due to deficiencies in the provision of services. The procedure and the amount of compensation determined under applicable law.
For smoking in the hotel guest and visitors will be held administratively liable in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine (according to st.175 Code of Administrative Offences for smoking tobacco in prohibited areas shall be fined in the amount of from three to ten non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens ).
Guest must compensate for the damage about smoking tobacco in a room provided by the guest for temporary accommodation. The extent of damage is determined in the amount of the cost of two nights in a room in which guests invited guests or other visitors who are in the room with him, allowed smoking. Two days defined health requirements, the minimum time required to remove the smell of tobacco, for which the hotel is not able to provide a room for living with others.
Guest must compensate for the damage about tobacco use in other rooms of the hotel building in the amount of UAH 1,500.
For violation of laws and other legal acts concerning the protection of the population from the harmful effects of noise or silence in observance of the rules of human settlements and public places guests may be subject to administrative responsibility in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine (according to Art. 182 of the Code of Administrative Offences for violation of these requirements set a fine of fifteen to thirty non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens).
Compensation for damages caused by the consumer for the loss of or damage to property at the "Potter", carried them under applicable law. The guest is obliged, even in case of damage at the time of departure to wait for law enforcement personnel, caused by the manager on duty for the Minutes of the damages.
The guest has the right to voluntarily compensate caused damage without having to call law enforcement officers in consultation with the Administrator and the drawing up of bilateral Act. The amount of damage caused to the hotel, can be deducted from prepaid, introduced the guests, in agreement with the guests.
Contract for the provision of basic hotel amenities include a "Potter" guest is considered to be concluded after the paperwork for the accommodation (fill in the form, registration) and make sure payment receipt or other settlement document, which confirms the conclusion of the contract and contains:
- The name of the hotel, its details;
- Full name of the Guest;
- Information about the room (place in the room), which provides guests with temporary accommodation.

4.7. These Regulations are an integral part of the contract for the provision of hotel services.
4.8. When filling out the questionnaire guest must familiarize themselves with these rules. Signing Profile Guest confirms acquaintance with these rules and their acceptability to the guests as the conditions of the Treaty on hotel services.

Fire safety rules at the "Gonchar"


- To smoke in the rooms and in the hotel building;
- Left unattended when plugged in electric heaters;
- Use homemade heaters;
- Store and use flammable and combustible liquids, explosives and gas cylinders;
- Clutter of furniture, clothes and other objects doors, emergency exits, stairwells;
- To make noise after 23:00
Precautions must be taken when using electrical appliances, household chemicals and other hazardous (about fire safety) substances, materials and equipment.
After the end of the use of all electrical equipment must be turned off. Permission is granted for the duration of stay in the room included a refrigerator and leave in the summer - the fan coil (air cooling device
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Internal rules of Service at the hotel "Gonchar"
The order of registration, hotel accommodation and payment services.  
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